• there are many hidden or lesser-known facts about adolf hitler, the former leader of germany and the nazi party. here are a few examples:

    – hitler was born in austria, not germany. he only moved to germany as an adult and later became a german citizen.
    – hitler was a vegetarian and did not drink or smoke. he was also a teetotaler, meaning he abstained from alcohol.
    – hitler was a talented painter in his youth, but he was rejected twice from the academy of fine arts in vienna.
    – hitler was a decorated veteran of world war i, having served as a member of the german army. he was awarded the iron cross, second class, for his service.
    – hitler was a german nationalist, but he also had a deep hatred for the jews and believed in the concept of a "master race" of blond-haired, blue-eyed aryans. he and the nazi party implemented policies of genocide against the jewish population during the holocaust.
    – hitler was obsessed with the occult and the supernatural, and he believed in the power of astrology and the supernatural. he also believed in the existence of a "aryan race" that was superior to all other races.
    – hitler was a totalitarian dictator who controlled every aspect of german society during his time in power. he used propaganda, violence, and other tactics to maintain his grip on power and suppress opposition.

    these are just a few examples of some of the lesser-known facts about adolf hitler. it is important to remember that hitler was a deeply flawed and evil individual who caused immense suffering and devastation during his time in power.