• smh

    shaking my head.

  • donald trump

  • winter

    too damn cold in northern nevada. where's the snow? no snow, only cold. you tease.

  • airtag

    you have to buy a case to attach it to your keys.

  • eddie rickenbacker

    eddie rickenbacker was a businessman and race car driver before he joined the american expeditionary force (aef) to fly combat planes in france. he was america's top "ace" in the aef because of his 26 "scores"-enemy planes he shot down. rickenbacker received both the french croix de guerre award and the congressional medal of honor.

  • tiktok

    contrary to popular belief in turkey, there are amazing profiles that are worth watching everyday.

  • truman doctrine

    late in 1946, the soviet union began demanding land from turkey, and also encouraged greece's communist neighbors-albania, bulgaria, and yugoslavia-to overthrow the greek monarchy. president truman responded with a policy of containment that is, containing communism where it already existed, so it would not spread further. the president said, "i believe it must be the policy of the united states to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures." this policy would be the basis for the united states getting involved later in korea and in vietnam.

  • burger king

    one of the biggest fast food chains in the world. even though they have good deals, it is impossible to order on their mobile app * and it never processes your order. gave me a headeche. then, i stopped trying.

    in the us: mcdonald's > burger king
    in turkey: burger king > mcdonald's

  • horse

    horses have always been really significant for the turkish people for more than 5000 years. they used to name horses according to their hair color.

  • aaron burr

    aaron burr was a brilliant, erratic man with great personal charm-and huge ambition. he served as vice president during jefferson's first term, but the president considered him a dangerous schemer and replaced him for the 1804 election. burr ran for governor of new york instead, but lost. he blamed the defeat on vicious newspaper attacks alexander hamilton had written. when hamilton refused to apologize, burr challenged him to a duel with pistols and fatally wounded him. with a warrant out for his arrest, burr, still vice president, fled west. he was arrested and put on trial for treason in 1807. he was acquitted due to lack of evidence, but he spent the rest of his life in obscurity.

    burr and hamilton's duel

  • irma grese

    irma grese was one of the female nazi perpetrators, her career is explained as “full of depravity, horror, extreme cruelty, forced bisexuality, and murder.” she is known for performing her duties without hesitation and doing so without remorse.

    in the prosecution of irma grese, having numerous witness accounts of her cruelty, grese still maintained that she did not purposely harm anyone. she denied many accusations of beating prisoners unconscious, sending them outside the camp to be shot or allowing her dog to attack prisoners. grese does, however, admit some beatings at the bergen-belsen trials, here are a few questions and answers taken from the trial transcripts:

    • in lager "c" you used to carry a walking-stick, too, and sometimes you beat people with the whip and sometimes with the stick? - yes.
    • were you allowed to beat people? - no.
    • so it was not a question of having orders from your superiors to do it. you did this
    against orders, did you? - yes.

    grese’s responses to these questions demonstrate that superiors did not order her to take these actions. there is also the understanding that superiors felt the prisoners were replaceable; railways constantly brought in new prisoners, allowing camp guards to see them as disposable.

  • elon musk

  • auvers-sur-oise

    auvers-sur-oise is a commune in the northern suburbs of paris, france. located in the val-d'oise department, auvers-sur-oise is known for its picturesque setting and its association with the impressionist movement. the town was the subject of many paintings by artists such as vincent van gogh, who lived and worked in auvers-sur-oise for the last few months of his life. today, the town is a popular destination for art lovers, and it is home to the maison de vincent van gogh, a museum dedicated to the artist's life and work. auvers-sur-oise is easily accessible from paris by train, and it offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  • cash crop

    a cash crop is a type of agricultural crop that is grown specifically for sale in the market, rather than for personal use or subsistence. cash crops are typically grown on a large scale and are an important source of income for many farmers around the world. the cultivation of cash crops has a long history, dating back to ancient civilizations.

    some examples of cash crops that have been grown for centuries include:

    wheat: wheat has been grown for thousands of years and is one of the oldest and most important cereal crops in the world. it is grown in many parts of the world, including europe, asia, and the americas.

    cotton: cotton is a cash crop that has been cultivated for thousands of years in the middle east, india, and china. it is an important source of fiber for clothing and textiles.

    sugar: sugar cane is a tropical cash crop that has been grown in the caribbean, south america, and southeast asia for centuries. it is an important source of sugar, which is used in a variety of food and beverage products.

    tobacco: tobacco is a cash crop that has been grown in the americas for centuries. it is used in the production of cigarettes and other tobacco products.

    coffee: coffee is a cash crop that has been grown in tropical regions of the world for hundreds of years. it is an important source of income for many farmers and is used to produce a popular beverage.

    tea: tea is another cash crop that has a long history of cultivation. it is grown in many parts of the world, including asia, africa, and south america, and is used to produce a popular beverage.

    overall, the cultivation of cash crops has played a significant role in the economic development of many regions around the world.

  • concern troll

    a concern troll is a type of online troll (someone who posts inflammatory or provocative content online with the intention of causing disruption or distress) who pretends to be concerned about a particular issue or community, while secretly working to undermine or disrupt it. concern trolls often use fake accounts or anonymous profiles to hide their true identity and motivations, and they may present themselves as allies or supporters of the issue or community they are targeting.

    concern trolls often use fake or misleading arguments, or they may present distorted or incomplete information in order to mislead or deceive their audience. they may also engage in inflammatory or disruptive behavior, such as posting inflammatory or offensive content, starting arguments, or engaging in personal attacks.

    here is an example of a concern troll:

    imagine that you are part of an online community that is discussing issues related to climate change. a concern troll might join the community and pretend to be concerned about climate change, while secretly working to undermine the discussion or sow discord among the members. they might do this by posting false or misleading information about climate change, or by starting arguments or engaging in personal attacks against other members of the community.

    another example of a concern troll might be someone who pretends to be a supporter of a particular political party, while secretly working to undermine the party or its candidates. they might do this by posting false or misleading information about the party or its candidates, or by starting arguments or engaging in personal attacks against other members of the party or its supporters.

    in order to identify and protect against concern trolls, it is important to be aware of their tactics and to be cautious of anyone who seems to be trying to disrupt or undermine a particular issue or community. it is also important to verify the accuracy and reliability of information before sharing it, and to be respectful and civil in online discussions and debates.