q: what is udictio?
a: simply, a social and interactive dictionary. it's a website built by users. however, udictio is not a scientifically-proven dictionary in the strict sense; users are not required to write correct information. but, they are encouraged to share their personal thoughts and experiences.

q: how can i create a topic?
a: just search for the topic you want to create and make sure it is not already created. then, either write the first entry for your new topic or create it entryless.

q: how can i create an entry?
a: entries belong to topics that are already created. so, search for the topic that you want to add your experience/thoughts as an entry. write your entry. then, publish!
note: in order to create a topic or an entry, you must sign up. here is the sign up form.

q: can i change my username?
a: no.