• footballer and nobel prize winner philosopher.

    "i knew a man who gave twenty years of his life to a scatterbrained woman, sacrificing everything to her, his friendships, his work, the very respectability of his life and who one evening recognized that he had never loved her. he had been bored, thats all, bored like most people. hence he had made himself out of whole cloth a life full of complications and drama. something must happen and that explains most human commitments. something must happen even loveless slavery, even war or death."

    "to have money is to have time. that's my main point. time can be bought. everything can be bought. to be or to become rich is to have time to be happy, if you deserve it."

    "those who prefer their principles over their happiness, they refuse to be happy outside the conditions they seem to have attached to their happiness."

    "if there is a sin against life, it lies perhaps less in despairing of it than in hoping for another life, and evading the implacable grandeur of the one we have."

    "don't walk in front of me — i may not follow; don't walk behind — i may not lead; walk beside me and just be my friend."