• alcetas was a prominent macedonian warlord who was mentioned among alexander the great's influential generals. after alexander's death, alcetas was challenged by antigonus, one of alexander's commanders. the war between the two warlords took place in the region of psidia and resulted in alcetas' resounding defeat. alcetas sought refuge in termessos, and the residents of the city provided protection to him. in subsequent months, in order to protect the city from danger, the elders of termessos wanted to hand alcetas over to antigonus, who had set his military camp at the foot of the mountain. alcetas did not want to face a gruesome death, so he took his own life. to this day, his grave lies on a rock wall in the highlands of termessos.

    the grave is a 15-minute trek from the colonnaded street of termessos. it is a pleasant hike, not a cumbersome one. the first thing i noticed upon reaching the site was the large rock carving of alcetas on a horse on the wall above the grave. it surprised me greatly to see that this rock carving survived despite harsh natural elements, such as the scorching heat and interminable humidity.