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  • brand name pentothal, but only available in us as generic due to being banned from export by the eu due to its use in executions. the only us manufacturer of the drug, hospira, stopped producing it. previously, one out of 3 main drugs administered during prison executions, and is now used as an agent to relax patients before they are put under general anesthesia in medical settings.

    one of the few anesthetics safe to use for pregnant women that will not affect the fetus. also used as fatal-plus in veterinary settings when putting animals to sleep. this chemical and several others previously administered during executions have been banned for that use, which has led to botched executions since.

    also given the moniker truth serum due to its ability to act on the nervous system and relax the user, often lowering inhibitions and causing them to speak automatically and unthinkingly

  • aka truth serum. allegedly, it was used by secret service experts to make prisoners speak during corporal punishment. bbc's journalist* took it to show its effects. video