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  • walter benjamin

    walter benjamin was a german philosopher, cultural critic, and writer. he was born in 1892 and died in 1940. benjamin is best known for his contributions to the field of cultural criticism and his exploration of the relationship between art, technology, and modernity. he is considered one of the most important figures in the frankfurt school of critical theory, and his ideas have had a significant influence on later thinkers and scholars. some of his most famous works include "the work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction" and "the arcades project."

    walter benjamin was known for his unique and thought-provoking ideas, which he expressed in his writing and speeches. here are a few of his most famous quotes:

    -"experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him."
    -"to be happy is to be able to become aware of oneself without fright."
    -"the only way of knowing a person is to love them without hope."
    -"the story is told of an automaton constructed in such a way that it could play a winning game of chess, answering each move of an opponent with a countermove. a puppet in turkish attire and with a hookah in its mouth sat before a chessboard placed on a large table. a system of mirrors created the illusion that this table was transparent from all sides. actually, a little hunchback who was an expert chess player sat inside and guided the puppet's hand by means of strings. one can imagine a philosophical counterpart to this device. the puppet called "historical materialism" is to win all the time. it can easily be a match for anyone if it enlists the services of theology, which today, as we know, is wizened and has to keep out of sight."
    -"the true picture of the past flits by. the past can be seized only as an image which flashes up at the instant when it can be recognized and is never seen again."

  • frida kahlo

    frida kahlo is known for her self-portraits, which are considered some of the most influential and iconic works of art in mexican history. some of her most famous paintings include "self-portrait with thorn necklace and hummingbird," "the two fridas," and "the broken column." these paintings are known for their vivid colors, emotional intensity, and their exploration of themes related to identity, gender, and mexican culture. frida kahlo's art continues to inspire and influence artists around the world.

  • politics of the united states

    two main political parties: the democrats and the republicans.

    democrats tend to favor less government restrictions on social issues (gay rights, abortion) and more government restrictions on economic issues (more social programs, environmental protection, higher taxes on the wealthy).

    republicans tend to favor more government restrictions on social issues, generally with a religious mindset, and less government restrictions on economic issues (less government programs, low taxes for the wealthy). there is a large segment of the republican party that leans libertarian which wants "government out of people's lives" in all aspects, including social issues.

    our government is split into three branches: legislative, executive, judicial. the framers of the constitution divided power among these branches because they believed power could corrupt, so the branches have checks and balances against each other. this prevents any one branch from gaining too much power.

    the legislative is the united states congress, divided among the house of representatives and the senate. the congress writes the laws and votes on them.

    the executive is the us president and all federal agencies. the president signs the laws and is in charge of making sure they are carried out.

    the judicial is the court system, headed by the us supreme court. the supreme court resolves constitutional issues. every law passed by congress has to point to a specific section in the constitution to be legal. if a law is challenged, the supreme court determines if the law is constitutional or not. they have the final say.

  • ben franklin effect

    a person who has already performed a favor for another person is more likely to do another favor for the other than if they had received a favor from that person.

  • r/place

    world war 3 on the internet.

  • world war iii

    won't be fought with sticks and stones*

  • irma grese

    irma grese was one of the female nazi perpetrators, her career is explained as “full of depravity, horror, extreme cruelty, forced bisexuality, and murder.” she is known for performing her duties without hesitation and doing so without remorse.

    in the prosecution of irma grese, having numerous witness accounts of her cruelty, grese still maintained that she did not purposely harm anyone. she denied many accusations of beating prisoners unconscious, sending them outside the camp to be shot or allowing her dog to attack prisoners. grese does, however, admit some beatings at the bergen-belsen trials, here are a few questions and answers taken from the trial transcripts:

    • in lager "c" you used to carry a walking-stick, too, and sometimes you beat people with the whip and sometimes with the stick? - yes.
    • were you allowed to beat people? - no.
    • so it was not a question of having orders from your superiors to do it. you did this
    against orders, did you? - yes.

    grese’s responses to these questions demonstrate that superiors did not order her to take these actions. there is also the understanding that superiors felt the prisoners were replaceable; railways constantly brought in new prisoners, allowing camp guards to see them as disposable.

  • bella hadid

    the most unhappy and depressive model.

  • fun facts

    – 10% of the world lives on <$1.90 a day.

    – at 3.75 tons, the rai stone is the world's heaviest currency.

    – $21 trillion is thought to be hidden in overseas tax heavens.

    – $80.9 trillion estimated amount of money in existance today.

    – $216 billion cash reserves held by apple in april 2016, out of $1.7 trillion held by us nonfinancial companies at that time.

    – 80% of small business start-ups fail due to poor cash flow management.

    – $1.2 trillion the amount of us currency in circulation.

    – $6.7 trillion the amount the us government spent in 2016.

    – 1668 the year that the oldest central bank in the world, the swedish riksbank, was established.

    – 31% of total global debt is owed by the us.

    – 70% of the richest americans claim to be self-made.

    –57,000 number of credit unions in 105 countries around the world.

  • libor scandal

    manipulation can affect other areas of the market as well. a recent example is the libor rigging scandal. libor is a benchmark rate that banks charge each other for short-term loans and is regarded as an important measure of trust between major global banks. the scandal involved traders at 10 firms, which the uk’s serious fraud office alleged had conspired to manipulate the libor benchmark between 2006 and 2010 in order to keep it artificially low.

  • market manipulation

    stock market manipulation can take many forms—such as artificially fixing prices higher or lower—with the aim of interfering with the market for personal gain.

    a trader can manipulate the market by processing a lot of small sell orders in an attept to drive down the price of a share. this can cause other shareholders to panic and sell their shares, sending the price down even further. conversely, a lot of small buy orders may push up a share price to convince other investors that good news is about to be announced. market manipulation is highly unethical but not always illegal.

    posting negative or positive information investors often like to discuss shares they own or are thinking of buying with other like-minded individuals on bulletin boards and investment forums. these can be a good source of investment ideas but they can also be used by unscrupulous traders who post negative or positive information to inflate or deflate prices.

    (see: libor scandal)

  • bitcoin

    a form of electronic money that exists solely as encrypted data on servers—is announced. the first transaction took place in january 2009.

  • fkn


  • 21/90 rule

    the 21/90 rule states that it takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to make it a permanent lifestyle change.

  • abdulkadir topkac

    in 1992, a letter's sent from diyarbakir/turkey to nasa, telling that the rotation of the moon around the earth was not actually circular. abdulkadir topkac, an amateur of astronomy whose imagination extends beyond the geographical bounds, had to give up his researches for the first time since 27 years, due to the fact that his telescope has been damaged during the conflicts in the 'sur' district of diyarbakir. an astronomer in diyarbakir

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