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  • one of the two cities that could not be captured by alexander the great.

    history of termessos

    termessos is primarily known as the city that could not be conquered by the macedonian emperor and warlord, alexander the great. unfortunately, aside from the journals kept during alexander the great's military campaign in asia minor and a few surviving records from the roman empire era, there are few documents that could illuminate the history of termessos. it is still unknown when and by whom termessos was founded.

    the city was first mentioned in history during alexander the great's siege. here are a few known facts about the city:

    – despite the fact that termessos was a part of the roman empire, it had always been an autonomous city due to its remoteness.

    – in 71 b.c, the roman senate unanimously voted for an act allowing termessos to be autonomous and make its own laws.

    – the inhabitants of termessos called themselves the solym people, descending from the pamphylian greeks.

    – a severe earthquake hit the city at a yet-undetermined date, destroying the aqueducts and cutting off the main water supply. subsequently, the solyms abandoned the city.

    termessos hosts the tomb of alcetas who was one of the generals of alexander the great.