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  • – 10% of the world lives on <$1.90 a day.

    – at 3.75 tons, the rai stone is the world's heaviest currency.

    – $21 trillion is thought to be hidden in overseas tax heavens.

    – $80.9 trillion estimated amount of money in existance today.

    – $216 billion cash reserves held by apple in april 2016, out of $1.7 trillion held by us nonfinancial companies at that time.

    – 80% of small business start-ups fail due to poor cash flow management.

    – $1.2 trillion the amount of us currency in circulation.

    – $6.7 trillion the amount the us government spent in 2016.

    – 1668 the year that the oldest central bank in the world, the swedish riksbank, was established.

    – 31% of total global debt is owed by the us.

    – 70% of the richest americans claim to be self-made.

    –57,000 number of credit unions in 105 countries around the world.